We work natural stone with the utmost respect for its uniqueness, giving shape to the inspiration that drives architects and designers to express an infinite variety of creative languages.


We are the ideal partner for creatives and companies who believe that quality in work and ideas is the talent required to create positive synergies.


We believe innovation is necessary to stay ahead and ensure an excellent, impeccable and exclusive service to stimulate and support creativity.


We create marble sculptures and works of classic and contemporary art from scale models or sketches, for national and international artists.

Architecture – Interior Design – Figurative Arts

We custom make stonework fittings designed for the commercial sector (bar counters and reception desks, retail furnishing and shop-fitting, book-matched floors and walls, decorative cladding with three-dimensional surfaces, etc), the public and residential sectors (solid marble and stone sinks, bathtubs and shower trays, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, fireplaces, tables and furniture design, cladding, architectural features, lintels, cornices, capitals, decorative work, stairs and grand staircases, rose windows and inlays etc.), street furniture (seating, fountains, columns, kerbs, classical and contemporary art sculptures, etc.), garden furniture (modern and monumental fountains, gazebos – classic versions or with statues, benches and chairs, three-dimensional wall panels for waterfalls, vases, bowls, sculptures, statues, flooring, etc.). We also make sculptures and design features from scale models and sketches, and program each workpiece for numerically controlled machining.

Unlimited space for creativity

Modern computerized tools and stone processing machinery have opened up new horizons in the field of architecture, design and figurative arts. The use of these tools has given new vigour to artistic expression, allowing creatives to express new languages in ways that would otherwise have been difficult. Ever attentive to the profound changes brought about by innovation, Mauro Marmi has added to their facilities two numerically controlled machine centres with 5 interpolated axes, for milling solid blocks and slabs of marble, granite, natural stone and composite stone.

These innovative tools make it possible to perform highly complex precision work and skilled three-dimensional work placing no limits on the imagination and creativity of architects, designers and artists.High levels of productivity speed up lead times and also make an important impact on costs, both for original, unique pieces of work as well as with standard production. The workshop facility can carry out all types of milling, shaping, profiling, disc cutting in all shapes and sizes, carving, engraving, bevelling, lettering, and 2D and 3D processing. All work processes are scrupulously controlled by an operator and are all completed and finished by hand.

Marble Elements for Wall Cladding

Marble and Stone Sandblasting

Sandblasting gives a special finish that enhances the natural look of stone. This type of finish is achieved by using a high pressure sand jet which makes the surface rough and opaque whilst keeping it level and even. This pleasant natural effect is a lot like other traditional finishes such as bush hammering, but costs are more moderate and completion times substantially faster. For many projects and design elements, the use of a combination of sandblasting and polishing proves particularly interesting because of the striking contrast produced.